DVD: The Owner's Guid to Horse Teeth & Equine Dental Care DVD: The Owner's Guid to Horse Teeth & Equine Dental Care

The whole is less than the sum of it's parts! Purchase the complete digital version of the DVD including all the segments listed on this page plus some bonus material.

The Owner's Guide to Horse Teeth & Equine Dental Care

There is very little information aimed at the education of the owner on teeth, dental care, and the effects of dental care on the health and performance of horses. An effective dental care program can greatly enhance the other health related programs and can have an extremely positive effect on the performance of a horse. It is my fervent hope that this DVD will provide a platform for owners to understand the reasons dental care is necessary and exactly how good, effective dental care will positively effect the health and performance of their horse.

We offer the whole DVD for sale, or the following segments as they may apply specifically to you:

What Teeth Are There?

An understanding of the anatomy and composition of the various teeth is necessary for comprehending the effects of problem areas on digestion and performance.

Routine Dental Care

In this segment, you are introduced to some of the procedures physically performed to eliminate discomfort and maximize grinding. The benefits then become very meaningful.

The Three Eras of Equine Dental Care

There are three age groups in the life of a horse during which very different and distinct problems tend to develop. An understanding of these eras is essential in the early identification of dental problems by owners and trainers.

Signs of A Possible Problem

There are certain health and behaviorial issues which can be excellent clues to dental problems. Ed explains these early warning signs that you, as an owner or trainer, can watch for, identify, and resolve with good dental care.

Things To Watch For When Dental Care Is Being Performed

There are a few things which are essential in effectively treating dental problems. Knowing the basics will assist you in assuring an adequate job by your dental care provider.

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